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  10 GIFTS to Give Yourself - The Journey Back to You!


"Dr. Barnes, thank you for writing 10 Gifts to Give Yourself!  As I read I laughed, I cried, and I repented.  This book is a wonderful life navigational tool.  It gives us permission to love God, ourselves and others unconditionally, then shows us how.  Every chapter is another leg in the journey back to you.  What an awesome journey!  I will happily share this book with my family and friends.  God bless you for writing 10 Gifts to Give Yourself!"   ~ LeVerta Massey

"I recommend this best-selling book to honest, well meaning, God-fearing men and women who give too much of themselves away to friends, loved ones, co-workers, and etc. Have you lost yourself? Is your energy depleted? You should buy Rev. Sheryl Barnes' book so you can reflect on your own well being. Thank goodness I am well on my journey back to me!!"   ~ Ms. L. Fuller




  Discipleship in the Age of Distraction

"As a minister, I have long felt the effects of distraction in the Body of Christ. When I began ministry in the 1980’s there seemed to be fervency about the things of God that is sorely lacking in the Church today. I wasn’t sure how to identify what I was feeling until I read Discipleship in the Age of Distraction.   This is not just another book that points out the problems with today’s church; from the introduction to the final chapter reminds us to return to Biblically sound solutions such as: pray, study the word, trust God, obey, confess, and REPENT. If applied as the soothing balm God means it to be, it will forever change lives in the Body. Thank you Dr. Barnes for allowing God to speak to us through you!" ~ Min. LeVerta Massey


"I believe Christians all over the world should own a copy of this book. It is quite obvious that Sheryl poured her heart and soul into the research of this book, and came out with a pot of gold!! If your are of the Christian faith, I am sure there is a feeling of great pride, great joy and a renewal of the soul that wasn't with you before you read "Discipleship in the Age of Distraction"!! A thought-provoking and anointed publication that I enjoyed reading. Continued strength and blessings to my "big sister" Sheryl, whom I love so very much!!!   ~ Clintonese LeVert


"Hey Sister,
You are a true jewel! Almost finished my book and will have to re-read it and read it again (smiles) Enjoying it to the utmost as I knew I would. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and yourself!
      Love you SOOOOO MUCH, Jamilah"   ~ Jamilah Morris


"As I read the book and was led to review specific chapters I was drawn to Chapter 5 ("How Has the Church Become Distracted") and Chapter 7 ("How Does the Church Address Distraction"). Many of us have grown up in churches where tradition carried so much importance that it crowded out the truth in the Bible. As I read where Sheryl wrote about the church 'repenting' I thought about how leaders of the church need to have their hearts pricked by this statement. I hope Christians will not only read this book but get it into the hands of their leaders because it is time for the church to return to what God wants and not our man-made traditions that are in the way." ~ Gail Summerhill


“This jewel of a book captured me from the moment that I opened it… because of the power that exudes from the words that were written and the message that is printed throughout the book.  It allows you to understand the distractions that are interrupting your life. I thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me to open up my head, stop making excuses and truly listen to what the Lord is saying. Thank you.” ~ Brenda Clay

"Communicating in Love" COMMENTS


When asked to share something especially 'liked' or 'learned' from the workshop, participants said...

“I learned to stand in your truth.”

“To value myself; to stand in my truth.”


“Your personality – it’s enough for itself.  I really enjoyed you and your openness to share your personal experiences.”

“I learned about love languages and am excited to talk to my husband about (them).”

“I learned that it’s important to live in your truth and trust and believe in God.  I liked that we touched upon a lot of situations in such a formal/informal way; it made it very comfortable.”

“I liked that you talked a lot about your own personal experiences because it made me feel like everyone goes through the things I am! THANK YOU!!!”

“Five Languages of Love ~ amazing!”

“Communication and expectation but the top thing is standing in my TRUTH (standing in God).  This workshop came at a time to further push me towards my God, destiny, my purpose He has for my life.”



"Am I My Sister's Keeper?" Workshop COMMENTS

"I will always remember to be there for my sisters and to show love for all of them."
"I am my sister's keeper - always."
"Blessed to be able to attend.  Thank you for sharing your words of love for me and others who need it."
"Never, never judge anyone.  Pray and ask God for help in each situation."
"We are all beautiful in God's eyes.  Now I see the beauty of my sisters as well!"

"Out of the Box Bible Study" COMMENTS

"I am learning so much about God's Word even though I have been in the Church all my life.  Thank you!"


"I look forward to every "Out of the Box" study and the gentleness of your teaching."


"Thank you for the clarity with which you teach.  I know that you invest time in preparation - thank you for that as well!"

Comments shared by Royal Roundtable participants:

  • "Outstanding.  Exemplary!"
  • "Beautiful fellowship; I was reminded how to live in the fullness of Royalty and I enjoyed learning about the three Royal Prerogatives!"
  • "I received a peace and a joy I needed to receive today.  It was in the atmosphere and in Sheryl's words that came from the Lord.  I received encouragement for my current struggle and comfort in knowing that the Lord is always with me."
  • "It is so easy to sabotage ourselves.  I will speak life to my life!"
  • "I must remember to learn to be silent and hear the voice of the Lord."
  • "I realize how important the 10 GIFTS are; they are essential for a quality of life - the life created and designed by God."
  • "Silence is necessary in order to hear from God.  It is not punishment."
  • "God sets the time.  Thank you for loving us!"
  • "It's my right to continue to consult the Holy Spirit as I walk out my life."
  • "I accept that I am Royalty!"
  • "The whole conference was a blessing.  I learned the meaning of being 'BUSY' - B = being, U = under, S = Satan's, Y = yoke."
  • "The thing that blessed me greatly was the obedience it took to do this event."
  • "I will do what God has given me to do without doubting or wavering.  Everything He has put in my hands will succeed."
  • "I have a right to be who God has called me to be."

COMMENTS on our eNewsletter: "Taste k See!"

"It's beautiful, informational and very interesting! I've signed up for your newsletter!" 


"Thanks for the newsletter; powerful and very timely.  It's my prayer that you continue being used by God." 


"Thank you, just like God, this is right on time." 


"Wow! Awesome! Praise the Lord!! Congratulations!"  


"What a pleasant surpirse to get this from you.  It was just what I needed to read today."


"We thank you for sending the WORD!  Wow, did we need to hear/read this at this time in our lives.  Thank for the message and Glory to God for utilizing you to give me confirmation."


"Wow!  If you could see my face.  I was in tears this morning struggling with these issues... feeling like a failure.  Some of my issues are self-inflicted, some from others.  I was thinking "Father, just give me an answer."  Thank you!"


"What a feast!  Keep 'cooking' my sister!"


"Excellent eLetter Sheryl!"


"Just wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoyed the Newsletter.  If you have a mailing list for it, I'd love to be added."





"Civility in the Workplace"


  • All goals and objectives were masterfully met!  The different exercises added great emotion to the subject.  I will commit to being more civil.  Amen!

  • This helped to reinforce the need for a positive attitude and empathy for the other person.

  • Very well done.  Enjoyed the class!  Great speaker!!
"Maximizing the Learning Styles of African American Students"


  • This workshop was presented in such a manner as to provoke thoughts, empower us to action, (help us) understand that learning styles of African American students must be validated, and reinforce what we know and feel.  It was not boring - but challenging!
                                                                             - -  B. James

    I think the conversations we had here today are just a beginning, and I hope our school will keep this dialogue on race and culture in the classroom going.  Thank you!

    (Of benefit to me were) the small group settings to work with peers that were random - to openly working together - to answering questions.  I love the realness of Dr. White and the knowledge you brought to the entire group.  This was the most useful session of professional development I've had ever.

                                                                           - -  C. J. Davis

    Great practical examples of how to help African American students learn.  The realization that the current educational system is based on norms that do not honor African American learning styles.

                                                                            - -  J. Oleksiaski

    This was extremely informative!  I teach ESL and so often I'm in the position of explaining African American culture - there is much blatant racism in other countries (towards Black people).  Also, as a human being (a white one) I need to learn more about this topic so I can be a better human - Thank you!

                                                                             - -  O. Petrim 

    I was not looking forward to doing this but you totally changed my mind.  The analytic / relational cognitive handout is very good!  The questions you had us work on were relevant!  Great job!

    I think that every school would benefit from what you are doing.  There is still an over representation of African Americans in special ed.

    I had reaffirmed for me that I need to allow for diverse learners.  For example, allow students to demonstrate their grasp of a concept in "non-traditional" ways.

    I really enjoyed the small group activity and subsequent sharing of thoughts.  I also found the handouts about the school buildings / environments, and curriculum as well as the different styles handout quite useful.

    I enjoyed today very much.  I cried when you cried today, and I felt your dedication.  I work with young women and their children, and I want to bring back your energy to them.  I will take back with me... "a mind at a time."
    - -  L. Richards


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